Dr. Vivek Nayak: Pioneering Orthopedic and Arthroscopic Surgeon

Dr. Vivek Nayak stands as an exceptional figure in the field of orthopedic medicine, celebrated for his outstanding surgical acumen. With a remarkable track record of over 8000 successful surgeries in Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement, he is regarded as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the Mumbai region. Dr. Nayak’s expertise is sought after across multiple hospitals, where he serves as a full-time Arthroscopic Surgeon.

His medical philosophy is rooted in the fusion of cutting-edge technology, extensive knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to delivering optimal patient care. Currently holding the prestigious position of a dedicated consultant specializing in Arthroscopy Knee and Shoulder Surgery at Ravi Hospital in Vasai, his professional influence extends further as a visiting consultant in renowned hospitals throughout Mumbai.

Dr. Nayak’s journey to becoming a bone specialist and orthopedic surgeon began with rigorous training and education, culminating in his orthopedic degree from the esteemed M P Shah Government Medical College, Jamnagar. He honed his skills through specialized training at prestigious institutions, including KEM Hospital, Cooper Hospital, and Esic Hospital. Dr. Nayak’s passion for sports medicine is evident through his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine, showcasing his expertise in managing sports-related injuries.

Registered as a Medical Practitioner with the Medical Council of India since 2010, Dr. Nayak boasts a decade of experience in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, covering joint replacement, sports injuries, chronic knee and shoulder conditions, and fractures. Dr. Nayak’s reputation is cemented by the countless patients who have benefited from his exceptional skills, making him the go-to choice for a comprehensive range of orthopedic concerns.

In essence, Dr. Vivek Nayak’s extraordinary journey as an Orthopedic Surgeon underscores his dedication to patient care and his significant impact on the medical community.”

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